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October 21, 2016 – 08:25 am
1990-95 Mercedes-Benz 300/E-Class | Consumer Guide Auto

I recently purchased a 2010, arctic white, Mercedes-Benz, C300. Since day one of owning this vehicle, I have felt at home driving it. The car itself is very comfortable to drive and has extremely smooth acceleration. The interior is gorgeous mocha leather with wood trim, which gives is a very classy touch. During the summer, I have been truly enjoying the moon roof, an included option in the car. The features in the car I enjoy the most include the lumbar support on the driver’s side seat, the built-in AUX port, and blue tooth capabilities to make hands-free phone calls. We had a few chilly nights this summer and I put the seat warmers to good use, and they kept us toasty warm while on our long drives. The only down-side that I have come across currently is that I have to purchase premium gas to ensure the car runs smoothly. Overall, I have to admit this car has definitely spoiled me in terms of performance and quality. I do not see myself buying anything but a Mercedes in the future.

I have enjoyed driving this vehicle during the summer with the windows down and moon roof open. Our summer is coming to a conclusion very soon in the Midwest and these features have allowed me to enjoy the weather to the full extent.

The car is comfortable, roomy and the interior is classy! I love the screen for the navi, the aux port, and the seat warmers. I use these features daily!

The only con, as mentioned before, I have to purchase premium gas. This makes my gas filling a bit more expensive, but completely worth it.

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