Mercedes W123 engine

Mercedes W123 Diesel Engine Suggestions
August 19, 2022 – 11:32 am
Mercedes W123 Engine. Mercedes. Get Free Image About Wiring Diagram

Quoting TheSonntag:
I am no supporter of the Death Penalty, but for that offense I would make an exception!

I have to agree. It is mind-boggling to see what some locals do to nice cars here. It makes me want to cry some times. My friend who owns this car LOVES Mercedes. We went out on several occasions looking at recent model Mercedes S-class sedans. You wouldn't believe it but many of these Mercedes S-class sedans had their original stereo systems ripped out and replaced with cheap Wal-Mart / Tesco/Lotus quality stereos with the stupid blinking casino lights!
I can see if this was a 35 year old Datsun B210, but a 2002 Mercedes S-500?
Oh and it gets worse. Many had these huge LPG tanks mounted in the trunks so they can burn that cheap fuel to save money. I've read that is really bad for the engine.
Its a problem associated with new money folks. It's all about the image of having a Mercedes but still want to do it on the cheap. Given the oppressive car tax and import duties here, I've seen all sorts of abominations to cars. Mainly because some cars are taken apart in to many pieces, imported as parts and re-assembled here by questionable mechanics.
A lot of the new money people here trash their cars and they almost always buy Mercedes. You couldn’t give me a Mercedes here unless it was brand spanking new. After one year in the wrong hands, its going to have some flaws due to neglect of the owner. Of course not all Mercedes owner here is like this but there are a lot bought by people that mistreat them.
Part of the reason I like the Toyota Crown is because of the maturity of the buyers of these cars. Getting a used one in great shape is rather easy. New money people here don’t buy Toyota anything.

Quoting HT:
What was the car's original engine ? Petrol or Diesel ? I am thinking that there might come an issue up with the transmission ratio in the rear axle. If it is desigbed for a petrol engine's rpms it might not suit a diesel engine's rpms.
Also, installing a big turbo-charged diesel engine might have way too much torque for the drive shaft (or the whole drive train) installed.
The least thing you want is having spent all the money to install the new engine only to face a broken drive shaft due too high torque.

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to look in to this.

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