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‘My dream car is a 1980 Mercedes 450SLC, would you suggest buying one that’s been well used?’
October 28, 2022 – 07:18 am
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Q. My dream car is a 1980 Mercedes 450SLC. Is it better to buy one with low miles (40, 000) or one that’s been well used at, say, 140, 000 miles? A car that sits can be worse off than one that gets run daily or weekly. Assume both have service records.

A. The Mercedes 450SL is a great car and, like all 37-year-old vehicles, is more about maintenance than mileage. Any low mileage car that didn’t see regular service could be in much worse condition than a higher mileage vehicle that was serviced throughout the years. The other issue with a low-mileage car is that it derives some of its value by being low mileage. The more you drive it (and what is the fun of having a car like this if you don’t drive it?), the more you chip away at the value. Look for a well-kept car with moderate mileage and have it checked out by a technician familiar with older Mercedes-Benz models.

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