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Going Forward - 1993 Mercedes Coupe Concept & 1996 F200 Concept
March 14, 2017 – 02:19 pm
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Coupe Concept

This car would represent a new generation of Mercedes-Benz cars, and would become the W208 CLK which was first seen in 1997.

Mercedes decided to start working on a new generation of their models, starting of with this one that would become the CLK. The headlamps on it became both iconic and very controversial, and at the Geneva show in 1993 everyone seemed to like this study. Mercedes then decided to make the final product look identical to the study. And the first car with the new design language was the E class that arrived in 1995, where you could clearly see that it had taken inspiration from this one. The CLK (W208) arrived in 1997 and used the exact same design as this study, Mercedes wanted to see if a car like this would appeal to the public. It would rival the upcoming BMW E46 Coupe.

This concept also had a unique glass roof that was going down to the tailgate, however that did not stop it from having a functional interior and drivetrain. The interior was two-tone leather with wood inlays, the seats had great and comfortable support for any driving condition.

The engine was a 5.0L V8 producing 320 horsepower and 470 nm, and was a preview of the CLK55 AMG production model engine.

The unique glass roof.

For the interior, a center console running all the way through from the dashboard to the parcel shelf was one of the key design elements that would be used in future Mercedes models. The front seats with their asymmetrical head restraint mounting were known as “Ergo Wing” seats, and had an elaborate inner structure which belied their ethereal appearance. And they were just as comfortable as they looked.

The CLK was launched in 1998, and introduced a new type of car for Mercedes-Benz. The W208 generation used some parts from the W210 E-Class, though, it had a specification level higher than the E-Class as well. But it was based on the W202 C-Class platform. It was first launched with two variants being the CLK 200 which produced 134 horsepower from its naturally aspirated four-pot, and the CLK 230 Kompressor producing 194 horsepower from its supercharged four-pot.

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