Glendale mercedes

Calstar Motors
June 18, 2017 – 12:36 pm
Benefactor Glendale with custom Rims | GTA 5 Cars
700 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91204
(818) 246-1800

Let me start by saying thank you to Jeff Bracklow/ Internet Director and Jeff "Boston" internet sales. It was a smart business move for Calstar/ Mercedes to get with the times with better internet presence. Boutique first class service. 5 star service combined with internet presence and quality process aligns to folks my age (45) and younger. We are busy folks that communicate through email yesterday and texting today. As you all know we are in the age of technology and price transparency. The folks your Calstar were amazing. Mr. Wu in finance was professional and amazing. My experience was started the night before by e-mail. I emailed got a quick response in the morning from Jeff. I called and asked about price he confirmed that the car was an inventory at 9 AM Saturday I arrived to the dealership at 10:30 AM and was out of the dealership within two hours including financing. Need I say more. Service, quality, speed and great deal = happy customer buying experiences = Calstar Wins!!!. There is something to be learned by the entire car business.

I don't know much about cars, but I do know how service should be given. My brother called this dealership and talked to Kari/Karina. We were checking if they had the Mercedes GLE 350 4Matic or GLE 400 4Matic Sports, and she said we had both. Great right? Noooo When we arrived, we met up with Kari/Karina. She greeted us and proceed to ask us why we wanted the 4Matic and we told her. She then went back to look for the keys to both cars, then she came back and said "she can't find the cars in the designated space it was at on the 3rd floor". She then said it's probably got moved to the 4th floor and told us to follow. We did, she basically made us walked thru 2 floors worth of other cars and said this car is good, that car is good, etc etc and then finally said maybe the car isn't here? Playing dumb. We went back to the lobby and she looked up where those cars are at... guess what she said? "I'm sorry, it turned out both cars were sold yesterday, and it hasn't been updated in the system". Really now? There was a reason why we called and asked if you even had the cars before we made our trip here. We came all the way from West Covina too. She wasn't even apologetic, which made it even worst. Side story: I later called up a friend who works at a car dealership and told him what happen and he said that was a tactic they use to try to sell you another car. Sighhh So moral of the story, don't do business here. Even if you call beforehand to see if the car you want is here or not, and they say "it is", it's not there. Don't waste your trip or business with them. There are other Mercedes dealership that are better and with better service than this place.

Arrived at the same time as one of their employees who proceeded to park his motorcycle in the reserved parking spot for disabled customers. After asking him to move it and him declining I spoke to the manager, who said he was unable to tell his employee to respect their disabled customers and move it. Even when I said I would be cancelling my test drive and calling the police they didn't move. So I left. These people don't respect their customers or laws. Find another dealership.

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