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June 24, 2017 – 10:59 am
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A night in the Mexican desert, 13 flat tires in 14 days, getting caught in a blizzard sans windscreen wipers, miniature horses and a cow with a coiffed hairdo. These are just a few of the bizarre experiences JG and best mate Sean Johnstun, have encountered over the past years in about 20 road trips across 37 states together.

Friends since high school, these two have travelled about 40, 000 miles over the past few years alone. “We never take the interstate, we always go for the tiny little back roads even if takes much longer. It makes for interesting stories. When you are willing to drive slowly, off the beaten tracks, you learn so much about the country. We have discovered cultural differences that exist even from one state to the next, simply by shopping in their respective convenience stores or gas stations, ” explains JG.

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Apparently, in Alabama one can buy fishing poles and frog legs, in Mexico moccasins and in Texas gun racks. “Mississippi comes across as old and depressing in places while in - let’s say - Kentucky it's all lush and beautiful with white picket fences.”

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