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March 29, 2017 – 11:08 am
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The luxury, comfort, powerful ride and classic styling of the Mercedes Benz 300TE: you can continue to have it all when you buy high quality Mercedes Benz auto parts for your car. The Mercedes Benz 300TE was built to last and for aerodynamic capabilities. The Mercedes Benz 300TE combines this aerodynamism with a sturdy structure to produce a midsized luxury station estate that continues to prove to be an excellent car. You get excellent handling and power from the four wheel drive system that adds to the great performance of the Mercedes Benz 300TE. You will enjoy a longer life for your Mercedes Benz when you buy high quality auto parts for the repair, maintenance and upgrades of this special vehicle.

Automaker Mercedes-Benz has manufactured numerous automobiles with the "300" model name. The 300TE, part of the Mercedes W124 Series, was a mid-sized vehicle made in four body styles from the years 1986 to 1994: the Sedan, Coupe, Cabriolet, and Estate. Three separate versions of the W124 Series 300TE Estate model were made during that time: the 300TE 4MATIC from 1986-1993, the standard 300TE made from 1988-1991, and the 300TE-24 from 1989-1992.

The W124 Series' characteristics and features were advanced automotive engineering when introduced, incorporating Mercedes technological innovations which have since become standard throughout the industry. The 300TE had one of the lowest drag coefficients of any vehicle in Europe and was produced at a high expense of German engineering and build quality. The cost proved worth it in the considerable awards won by high mileage versions.

Many 300TE innovations related to occupant safety. Its angular body was designed to withstand frontal offset-crashes to concrete barriers at 35mph maintaining a largely undamaged passenger cabin and preventing serious harm to occupants. Its windshield was designed to hold in place and its doors could be easily opened without special recovery tools. While this crash-test configuration became standard in the EU, Mercedes required its body to withstand impacts from the rear as well. Major safety innovations standard in the 300TE featured a driver's side airbag, adjustable seat belts, foot pedals that moved away toward the bulkhead between the cabin and engine, door armrests designed to protect against side impacts, and use of light-weight high-strength steels, the standard today in car design. The dashboard's impact-absorbing foam reinforced with aluminum prevented engine components from penetrating the passenger cabin and the 300TE was one of the first cars available with an optional front passenger side airbag.

Mercedes Benz pioneered a system called Pre-Safe capable of detecting a crash using radar and alerting vehicle occupants, and many safety and performance-oriented Mercedes parts, including "safety-cell body construction" with front and rear crumple zones, the most important safety innovation in the automotive world today. Mercedes also introduced anti-lock brakes (ABS), seat belt pre-tensioners, traction control, and airbags. For this reason, Mercedes OEM parts now come standard in many vehicles today.

All Mercedes Benz parts, including the AMG 6208 cc M156 V8 engine, the world's most powerful naturally-aspirated eight-cylinder engine, are manufactured using modern technology to ensure safe enjoyable driving. When obtaining replacement 300TE Mercedes Benz parts, a safe and wise decision would be to opt for OEM 300TE Mercedes parts rather than 300TE aftermarket parts, and always choose reliable providers who guarantee the Mercedes 300TE parts you need are Original Equipment Mercedes parts so you can know they are built to meet Mercedes specifications.

Mercedes Benz OEM car parts and accessories are readily available in auto parts stores, and on the Internet. Some on-line stores, such as, provide free phone assistance to help auto parts buyers find the right part whatever their Mercedes model.

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Hard to find OEM fuses for 1992 MB 300TE.Good selection of the most frequently used circuit protection in a sturdy case.

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