Mercedes W123 amg

Mercedes-Benz W123 AMG Edition
May 3, 2019 – 08:01 am
Old School Mercedes W123 280 AMG | German Cars For Sale Blog
Highly detailed representation of a 1979-1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 280E AMG Edition, with interior.


- Fully modeled in 3D Studio Max 2013
- Overall detail level can easily be changed, just change the Turbosmooth subdivision level. By default, it is set at 1.
- Preview images rendered with V-Ray 2.30.01, Turbosmooth subdivision set to level 2 (unless specified otherwise)
- Preview images have not been visually altered in any way
- .3DS & OBJ format available in 3 different level of quality.
- .FBX format available (turbosmooth active in hierarchy)
- Accurate true-to-life representation of scale, proportions, dimensions, and details
- Separate objects, like body, bumpers, wheels, doors etc.
Some objects are grouped together for easier overall scene management
- Metric unit system
- Materials and textures well structured and included

Poly counts

Low quality (subdivision level 0) - 185856 polys 154349 vertices
High quality (subdivision level 1) - 463792 polys 269187 vertices

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