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March 29, 2017 – 02:20 pm
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The iconic and influential Mercedes 300D series, which was also known as the Mercedes-Benz 123 models, was a bestseller and one of the most successful diesel-based executive vehicles ever produced by German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Manufactured between 1976 and 1985, the Mercedes 300D series sold over 2.7 million in its lifetime before being replaced by the newer Mercedes Benz W124. Its popularity and production schedule spawned a considerable black market in Germany, with customers at times having to wait more than a year before delivery of the vehicle. The vehicles also made many appearances in popular culture internationally, having been the sedan of choice for Porky Pig, Grand Theft Auto, Mad Max: Fury Road and Citizen Khan.

There was only one generation of the Mercedes 300D series, which was available in three distinct trims: the base model, the Lang and the Turbo. The first models to roll off the production lines in January 1976 were a four-door sedan, with a three-liter, five-cylinder diesel inline-six engine. In the spring of 1976, Mercedes Benz introduced a coupe version of the vehicle with a shorter wheelbase, followed with the Lang edition in 1977 which featured a longer wheelbase chassis in 7/8 seat saloons. The year 1977 also saw the debut of the Transport and Touring (T) or wagon models. In 1979, Mercedes-Benz released the Turbocharged models whose power outputs were increased from 80PS to 88PS. The turbocharged models, which were offered with automatic transmission only, were upgraded to use Type OM617 engines. In 1980, fuel-injected, two-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engines were created to replace the carbureted engines, and in 1982, and power steering was made standard across all European models. ABS brakes, retractable steering columns, and driver-side airbags were made optional. A five-speed manual transmission was also optional for all models except the 300TD.

The Mercedes 300D has always been known as a great value and continues to be coveted on the used car markets, with select models still valued in the thousands. Part of the reason why these cars are so values is due to its longevity; these vehicles can be driven for up to 350, 000 miles before the engines become worn out. Besides normal engine wear and tear, oil leaks and differential leaks have commonly occurred with high-mileage vehicles, and replacement parts for these vehicles can soar into the thousands. Many drivers have reported needing transmission replacements at around the 200, 000 and 300, 000 mile range.

Parts for this continually popular car series that debuted nearly 40 years ago can be hard to come by. Luckily, keeps a Mercedes 300D parts catalog handy for you should you need a replacement parts or accessories to keep your vehicle running optimally. Whether you are looking for a simple part or something more complex, we've got the right Mercedes 300D auto parts for sale in a single, convenient location.

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