Mercedes benz wagon used

50 Best Used Mercedes-Benz G-Class for Sale, Savings from $3,379
July 12, 2017 – 07:53 am
New & Used Mercedes-Benz Wagon cars for sale in Australia

The soft black leather seats not only provide an exceptional quality to the vehicle but they are also very durable. Although regular maintenance can be quite expensive and has specific requirements, if it is kept well the vehicle will last for many years. Even currently at 80k miles it drives like it is brand new. Even on bumpy roads it provides a comfortable, smooth ride. While it is currently 8 years old, it still retains a higher "style" than many cars today.

Experimenting with the accelerator button under neath the foot pedal, quickly zooming down an open road.

Stylish - Even after several years I don't see many other cars that are as distinct, but not over done like a Mercedes-Benz C-class. It accelerates quickly, and maintains a smooth ride consistently. The stereo sound quality is above average when compared to other similar sedans. The leather seats, which can also be heated - a huge plus in the winter, are easily the most comfortable seats I have come across in a car.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, 26 mpg is not as ideal as one would like, and the maintenance costs can be quite high. It comes with a classic iPod attachment, but it is unusable without updated software, is limited to the glove compartment, and is only accessible to earlier iPod series. It also lacks, a seemingly common place, auxiliary cord jack. Any maintenance usually requires a specialty auto shop.

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