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The E300 at Mercedes-Benz of Macon
November 10, 2017 – 01:46 pm
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The Mercedes-Benz E300 is part of the automaker's E-Class, sitting somewhat in the middle of the lineup. As such, the E300 is more affordable than some of the larger Mercedes-Benz models yet still offers more features and luxury than the smaller, cheaper ones. Mercedes-Benz is constantly innovating, and the result is an E300 with features you won't find on any other model.

A Quick Look at the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300's Updates

The E300 is actually a new model for 2017, replacing the 2016 E350. Both of these models are part of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, meaning that they are based on each other. The main difference between the 2016 E350 and 2017 E300 is the engine. The E350 used a 302-horsepower V6 while the E300 has a 241-horsepower 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylider. The 2016 model's 7-speed automatic has also been replaced with a 9-speed. While the power output for the 2017 E300 is a bit less than its predecessor, this model is more efficient and will never feel a lack of power. In addition to the specific engine change on the E300, the entire 2017 E-Class received a redesign and long list of updates.

The 2017 E-Class models, including the E300, are more curvaceous than their blocky predecessors from 2016. The E-Class has also increased slightly, including 1.7 inches in overall length and 2.6 inches in the wheelbase. The interior of the E-Class has also been updated, featuring a more organic design and sweeping wood trim between the doors that travels across the dashboard. The new E-Class also has plenty of new technology, including a 12.3-inch display screen that can pair with an optional additional screen to create a very large widescreen display. The 2017 E-Class also has an updated COMAND system with sharper graphics and new controls in the form of touch-operated control pads for the steering wheel and a touch-operated pad above the screen. Other new technology includes PRE-SAFE Sound and updated Active Brake Assist, both of which are standard. Active Brake Assist has been enhanced, and you can also now opt for Evasive Steering Assist and PRE-SAFE Impulse Side. Finally, you can now enjoy available heated armrests on the center console and doors and 64 colors of interior ambient lighting.

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