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December 29, 2016 – 08:51 am
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This Casting, First made by Corgi Juniors in the mid 1970s, is a replication of a Mercedes-Benz O309 Bus. The Mercedes-Benz O309 was a 24-seat bus, available with the following Engines:14 Cylinder petrol(1967-1986), 14 cylinder Diesel(1967-1986) and a 16 cylinder Diesel(1977-1986) The Mercedes-Benz O309 was Manufactured from 1967-1986 at the Iran-Khodro Diesel Works in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The O309 Bus was sold mainly in Countries across the Middle east, the Soviet Union, Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe and both East and West Germany.

The O309 was used by Military Forces in East Europe as a transport, and was Used by East German Police forces, also as a transport. In some countries, the O309 was employed a School Bus, and in other places used by airlines and tour companies as a private charter bus.

The casting shown on this page is a Hertz Car Rental Airport Coach, a Private Charter Airport Shuttle Bus for transporting large groups of People to and from the Airport and other places, i.e., Conventions, tourist destinations, Hotels, etc.


Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1994 White / Yellow thin black stripe; "HERTZ" on both sides Black / Plastic Clear Grey N# 93181 China also issued with Corgi Base
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